Big Wrongs Righted.


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Publisher:  Dr Cary TT Ooi; JP (NSW), MBBS (Singapore), Medical Law (Sydney), Medical Ethics (Aust.Catholic Uni)

                   Medicolegal consultant, patient/doctor advocate, ethicist, whistleblower, writer, golfer,

                              artist, survivor/carer, child-protector, Human Rights consultant, defrauded plaintiff

            Location:    Sydney, Australia.

Past companies:  Medical Defence Conspiracy (MDC), United Medicolegal Remedies (UMR), Disabilities and Compensation (D&C)

It's a divided world. Between rich and poor, strong and weak, professionals and laity, believers and non-believers, victims and criminals. Imbalance abounds.

Injustice reigns, for power corruptsBig powers may do big wrongs. Too many harms are inflicted by the mighty on the feeble.  Results are BULLYINGTRAUMA, and INJURIES.  Effective remedies include health care, litigation and Royal Commissions (in Child Abuse, banks, aged care), and sports (eg  INVICTUS Games).

Righting Wrongs requires dedication, expertise, research, family unity, persistence and resilience.  Finding Truth and securing Justice will set wronged doctors and damaged patients free.  Significantly, it will ease PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in both parties (yes, both) that often results from the injuries and the subsequent litigation.  Insurance fraud is not just by policy-holders; it should include insurers' fraud, so far unrecognised, thus unreported (as far as I am aware).  I await and welcome correction.

As insurers and hospitals defend doctors for medical injuries, their expert lawyers may orchestrate and resort to a CONSPIRACY to hide the Truth, and to win.  So complex, it fools even learned judges into making unjust decisions, which rob patients of legitimate compensation and doctors of ethical defence.  It took me decades to confirm and document this rare white-collar crimes of conspiracy, perjury, fraud and contempt of court.


Defendant doctors, involved in a conspiracy outside their knowledge, would be troubled and depressed,  They could be convicted for a crime orchestrated by their unions and protection societies.  With prosecution hanging over their heads, they may become depressed and suicidal.  Young doctors are killing themselves for many reasons, crime and punishment would be one.  Doctors, remember that in medical defence, honesty in court-testimony is the best policy.  There is no place for Junk Science in our courts.

Double-crossed:  I was a member of MDU for more than a decade, then my son suffered med negligence.  When I became a joint plaintiff, it doubled crossed me

by funding a fraudulent defence.  It fooled a learned judge, and our claim was dismissed.  It took 15 years of painstaking research to prove that my son and I had been.....ROBBED OF FAIR COMPOSITION (and my dignity).

Recently, female victims of sexual abuse started "# metoo" movement, which has lighted up today's world.  Doctors and patients who have endured a medicolegal conspiracy and bullying need to put aside their differences, starting a  similar movement. 

Together, they can heal the very sick present.  Hopefully, the future will be healthier and fairer for all patients and doctors.   Be shocked, yet empowered by my revelations.


Human Rights must prevail over Inhuman Wrongs.  And class-unity will triumph over class-division.  Big wrongs can be put right.  Mission impossible?  No, possible if doctors and patients work as a team, and exert control of their own destinies.

This site has wide appeal to the following groups:

1.  Patients  of all ages harmed by bad Medical treatments - and their partners/parents/carers

2.  Lawyers/Insurers/hospitals/defending the doctors sued for medical negligence 

3.  Doctors facing litigation for medical injuries (medical defendants)

4.  Lawyers/doctors acting for patients (plaintiffs) claiming rightful compensation.

5.  Patients' experts providing medicolegal reports and court testimony

6.  Judges hearing cases of alleged serious medical errors.

7.  Victims of bullying in all its forms.

8.  Law enforcers in corporate crime - forensic examiners

For most decades of my professional life, I work with all the above parties, and know their mind-set well.  My interest and research centre on, and later, exposing medical negligence, medicolegal conspiracy and child abuse. In 1999, I  was nominated by Medical Consumers Association (MCA) for Australian Child Abuse Prevention Award. Being the first doctor to be so honoured, and an immigrant one at that, I was congratulated by Hon Alan Cadman, MP.  However, my award failed to attract interest from the main media.

 A family-physician initially, my practice philosophy resembles my colleagues - "First, do no harm".  When my patients consulted me after suffering medical injuries, I decided to obtain post-tertiary qualifications from Australian Catholic University in Bioethics, and from University of W Sydney in Medical Law.  Negligent doctors, who may harm patients by mistake, (certainly not by intent), should admit liability to their insurers.  These are Medical Defence Unions (MDU) and Medical Protection Societies (MPS).  Prompt, fair and just compensation should be paid.  Injured patients should not be bankrupted and traumatised by conspiracy between two most powerful professions in the world.  What are they?  Law and Medicine.  Doctors' insurers profess to compensate injured-patients and defend their doctor-members.  It's the biggest conflict of interest on Earth - and financially most rewarding!   Indeed, some doctors have committed suicide because of illegal medical defence.  Surely doctors must care about their own lives.  But they remain silent.  Why?  Because they are afraid that they would be denied any defence or protection if sued.

Sadly I am unable to locate a medicolegal consultant to continue my lifelong work. In the past, I was afraid to go public.  Too many powerful adversaries.  Finally, as twilight approaches, it's time to pass on the baton - to consultants of like-philosophy to assist medically-injured patients - and yes,defendant-doctors, too.  Very big ask.  However, 

they deserve calm peace and enduring health.

We should all leave the world a better place.  Doctors, please end the Conspiracy with your honest opinions on medical negligence.  Your colleagues may be your siblings, but your injured patients matter.  They risk onset of PTSD, which may be a lifelong affliction  They need your courage to blow the whistle on bad medicine.

Conspiracy is not just a Theory.   In Law and Medicine, I have proved that it is a Fact.  Patients and doctors, you can change the world.  I had tried my best for decades, with regular contributions to Australian Doctor Weekly, Medical Observer, Australian Family Physician, Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald.



1.  FEB 2019

Sitting Judge Datuk Dr.Hamid Sultan Abu Backer of Court of Appeal, Malaysia filed an affidavit alleging judicial interference with court decisions (eg Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case).  RCI announced by Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir, supported by Lawyers for Liberty (LFL), Malaysian Bar Council had also demanded RCI.

Why pay a lawyer when you can buy a judge?

2. Pope Francis calls child sexual-abuse clergy "tools of Satan" and promises Justice for victims (Vatican conference)

3.  Cardinal George Pell convicted of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).  After he initiated Melbourne Response in ?1996, I reported a proven case of Child  Abuse and Neglect (CAN) in a Malaysian Catholic hospital but there was no acknowledgment.  My friend and associate John Ellis, solicitor, was himself abused as a 13 year old choir-boy.  The Church used "Ellis Defence" to deny financial responsibility for the abuse.   


WORDS OF PRAISE (just few of many).

Mr & Mrs Richard Hayes (1993)

This is to acknowledge that the respected Dr Cary Ooi provided immense contribution to ourselves... he ensures the rights of medically injured patients to seek Truth, Justice and Compensation... he provides medical opinions in relation to Medical Defence Unionism's unjustified attempts whereby to DENY ALL medical negligence liabilities.

Dr Paul Maher, MBBS, FRCS (1993)

I am glad to read that your compassion extends to our colleagues as well as patients.... at the moment, the road for patients who deserve compensation is long and littered with lies, delays, power of money, inertia.... I am impressed with your work and would like to have a talk with you one day.

Mr Neil P Nicoll, BA, MA (1992)

I am deeply impressed with the aims, philosophies and services of your organisation.

Dr Edwin Dalziel. PhD,LLB, Barrister (1991)

I admire you for the stand you take against odds and for your persistence, which in cases like these (Health Injury Compensation), must be almost superhuman.

Joint Committee on NCA (National Crime Authority), Federal Parliament, Australia (1990).

The Committee on 2 August 1990 resolved to make public your submission (that defence of Ooi v Catholic Church, Assunta Hospital, Dr Gwen Smith 1985 was an organised crime) to the above inquiry.  Your submission is now a public document and can be made available to anyone.


The study of human-kind begins with a particular human.  Accordingly, see the following excerpts of past publications: 


                                1.  MALPRACTICE: a medicolegal case-study (where defendants had conspired with insurers and professionals to fool a learned judge, robbing a child                                            with cerebral palsy legitimate compensation of half-million dollars).  It is possibly the first proven case in legal history, where Law was wrong, and                                                    Medicine right. There it took a doctor decades to catch his kind.  Truth is stranger than Fiction.  As  in Paul Newman's movie "The Verdict".  

                                      Bad legal decisions become lethal medical precedents, as in Ooi v Smith 1985 , Ooi v MDU 1989...


                                2.  HUMAN RIGHTS OF ALL PATIENTS (special emphasis on the most vulnerable - our children)

Post-kernicteric Syndrome (PKS): Australian Family Physician (AFP) 

                          A scientifically reviewed paper based on Ooi J v Church, Archbishop, Dr Smith G.  Judge decided the three defendants were not negligent, but failed to offer a reason for his multiple handicaps.  On the contrary, In AFP, independent reviewers concluded they were (disabilities preventable).  Research concluded that legal decision was a travesty of justice.